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Adding Guests

There are two main ways you can add guests to your master list. The most convenient way is to use your pre-existing address books from Mac Address Book, Google Contacts, and Facebook. Simply select the source you'd like to use from the upper left hand corner.

People Source

A list of names will appear in the table below. Using your mouse, drag and drop the names from that table, to your Guest table that is just to the right of it.

Alternatively, you can use the "+" button that sits on the bottom edge of the app below your guest list table.

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Editing Guests

Editing a guest is as simple as selecting a person from your master guest list table (2nd table from the left) and filling in that person's name, address, phone #, and other details that you would like to have on record. When you are finished, simply select a new guest to begin working on their information. Your previous changes to the former guest will be saved.

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Sorting Guests

Guest List Planner features a flexible categorization feature that will fit almost any event. At the top of the guest list table is a pulldown button that allows you to select what category of guests you wish to view. By default, there is only the "All" category. You may add additional categories and edit individual guests so that they belong to a particular category by selecting a guest from your list and using the pulldown button labeled "Side" in the details section. If there are no options in that pulldown menu, then you will need to add some categories.

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Adding Categories to Sort Guests By

Large guest lists often benefit from categorizing your guests into different groups. This can be extremely useful for weddings where there are at least 2 distinct sides, "Bride" & "Groom". To add categories to your list, click on the "Edit" button next to the categories pull down menu at the top of the guest list table. A pop over window should appear that looks like this:

Editing Categories
Use the "+" and "-" buttons to edit the categories available for your guest list.

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Printing Your Guest List

Printing is not directly supported by Guest List Planner as of the latest version. You can however, still print your list by exporting it to either .csv or .vcard and opening it up with the appropriate program. For .csv exports, any spreadsheet program should suffice (Excel, Numbers, etc.). Vcards can be opened by Mac Address Book. If you plan on using the Address Book approach, it is recommended that you make a new group in Address Book to hold your guests. Then you can easily select that group, go to File >> Print and print out a list of your contacts. As a bonus, Mac Address Book supports printing mailing labels!

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Exporting Your Guest List to A Spreadsheet Application

To view your list in a spreadsheet application like Excel or Numbers, open the list that you wish to export and from the top menu bar select File >> Export >> CSV. A save dialog will appear asking where you would like to save the .csv file. Type in a name and select a destination on your computer. Once you have saved the .csv, open up the spreadsheet application that you wish to use and import the .csv file. If you are unsure of how to import such a file, consult the spreadsheet application's documentation.

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Importing Guests From A Spreadsheet Application

To add guests from a spreadsheet application, you must first open the spreadsheet program and export your spreadsheet as a .CSV file. Consult the application's documentation if you are unsure as to how to do this. Next, open up the .guestlist document that you wish to alter. From the top menu bar select File >> Import >> .csv. An open dialog will appear asking where the .csv file you wish to import is located. Select the file that you exported earlier. Your guests should be added to your list. If they are not, or there are additional problems please consult the answer, fixing CSV import errors.

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Fixing CSV Import Errors

There are many reasons why a CSV import attempt might fail. Two of the most likely scenarios are 1.) There is a stray comma in the .CSV (Comma Separated Value) file or 2.) The number of columns in the import CSV does not match up with the number of columns produced by a CSV file exported from Guest List Planner.

To fix the first case. Check your spreadsheet cells for the presence of commas. There shouldn't be any as it will break the .CSV file format.

To fix the second case. Make sure that in the spreadsheet program, you haven't deleted the first row containing the headers (first name, last name, street address, etc...). Also ensure that there is no text in miscellenaous cells (ie. Z,40000).

If a problem still persists, either export your current Guest List from Guest List Planner as a .CSV and open that up in a spreadsheet to compare, OR contact Guest List Planner support via email and we'll be happy to help sort it out.

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Export A Guest List To Mac Address Book

To export a guest list to Mac Address Book or any other application that supports vCards, open the .guestlist document that you wish to export. Once open, select File >> Export >> Vcard from the top menu bar. A save dialog will appear asking where the file should be saved. Select a location on your computer and give it a file name. The Vcards are now ready to be imported by any application that supports the Vcard file format. For specific information on how to import a Vcard for an application, consult its documentation.

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Combining Two or More Guest Lists

To merge two .guestlist files together, open what will become the master .guestlist file. Then select File >> Import >> .guestlist from the top menu bar. An open file dialog will appear. Navigate to the second guest list that you wish to merge in, and click Okay. The guests from the second list should now be included in the first list.

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Requesting New Features or Reporting Bugs

It is very important that you voice your feedback on Guest List Planner. To help facilitate that, we have added a contact form within Guest List Planner itself. While Guest List Planner is open & selected, navigate to the top menu bar and select "Guest List Planner" >> Request Feature. A form will appear on the screen. It is very important that you leave contact details if you wish to hear back from us.

Alternatively, you can always send us an email and we will respond to your promptly.

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Review & Rate Guest List Planner for Others To See

We've put a ton of work into Guest List Planner and we want you to let others know how it has helped you out for your big event. Leaving a review & rating is very simple and will only take a moment of your time. While Guest List Planner is open and selected, navigate to the top menu bar and select "Guest List Planner" >> Write Review About App. You will be redirected to the Mac App Store where you can leave a review for others to see!

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Get an Answer to Other Questions

If your question wasn't answered above, you can always send us an email and we'll do our best to promptly answer it. Remember, we want to take the stress OUT of planning!

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