Guest List Planner

5 great features that will make your list a snap.

Importing Contacts

Import Contacts Easily add people you know from your Mac Address Book, Gmail Contacts, or even your Facebook friends!
It is as easy as dragging their name from column A to column B. When available, their contact details such as phone number, email address, and street address are prefilled for you!

Categorize & Sorting

Categorize & Sort Effortlessly split your guests into user defined categories such as "Bride's Side" or "Groom's Side". You can make as many categories as you'd like or none at all! See just the guests belonging to a particular category with just one click.


Demographics Enjoy simple to read statistics about the number of guests that you have invited, how many are likely to show up, and even the breakdown between the number of adults to children. Plan for how many guests will actually show up and save money at the caterers!

Cross Application Support

Cross Application Support Take pleasure knowing that you can effortlessly export your list as a .CSV file that can be opened by almost any spreadsheet program in existence (including Microsoft's Excel), so even friends and family that don't have Guest List Planner can still help you out. Once they've made changes, Guest List Planner can easily re-import .CSV files.

Merge Guest Lists

Merge Guest Lists Half the work, means double the fun! Let your fiance create his or her side of the list while you work on yours. When you are ready, merge the two lists with one click and feel free to take the rest of the day off.

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