Guest List Planner

Guest List Planner is a Mac app that is aimed at making event planning a breeze by letting users import contacts from Address Book, Gmail, and Facebook.

21st Century Way of Planning

While your parents might still reach for the rolodex to fetch a phone number or address, chances are good that you already have that same information stored somewhere electronically.

Guest List Planner realizes this and instead of forcing you to type in contact details over and over again, it lets you reach out and use what you already have from your own Mac Address Book, Gmail Contacts, and even Facebook!

Efficiency Meets Simplicity

At $50/person, caterering budgets can easily spiral out of control. Take charge of the situation by identifying which guests are essential to be present and also distinguish who will actually show up.

You can add "that one guy that works down the hall whom you've spoken with once" to your guest list but at the same time you can designate him as a low priority guest who will be easier to cut later if you must.

Visualize with one click how many guests you have invited, how many have RSVP'd, and even how many children will be attending.

Good for Any Occassion

Guest List Planner is fantastic for wedding planning (the developer used it for his), but it is also appropriate for other events that involve guest lists.

Birthday, anniversary, graduation, and retirement parties, not to mention baby showers, company get-togethers, and even hobby groups that meet up like book clubs can all utilize Guest List Planner to help organize events.

Guest List Planner comes prepackaged with 3 color themes (pink, blue, and orange).

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